How does cellulite treatment work?

How does cellulite treatment work?

Cellulite can affect anyone to varying degrees, based on all kinds of factors like lifestyle, hormones, genetics, diet, and more. And whilst it’s a natural occurrence, it can nevertheless affect our confidence. We offer our cellulite treatment to those who want to minimise the look of cellulite using proven, medical-grade technology.

Using a combination of ultrasound and radio frequency technology, we reduce the size of fat deposits, and smooth and tighten the skin in the targeted area. Because fat cells are sensitive to these waves, they break apart, and the cells are reduced to liquid. Our body removes the liquid through natural metabolic processes. While the treatment destroys fat cells, it also stimulates the skin and promotes the production of collagen through the use of radio frequency waves.

Benefits of a Cellulite Treatment

Benefits of a Cellulite Treatment

This treatment stimulates the skin and promotes the production of collagen through the use of radio frequency waves. The radio frequency waves heat the targeted area, causing the cells to shrink and produce more collagen, which makes skin elastic and smooth.

The highly targeted nature of this treatment makes it safe, easy and effective for treating cellulite in specific areas where exercise, diet and fat loss may not have reduced the appearance of dimples or ‘orange peel’ skin.

What does cellulite treatment feel like?

What does cellulite treatment feel like?

Cellulite treatment is not strenuous or painful. During a treatment, you’ll lie in a comfortable position to allow our therapist to have access to the target area. Liquid will be applied to the area to allow the energy to be conducted into the skin, and an applicator will be placed on the treated area. The treatment itself feels like a warm massage and can be quite relaxing.

At Cryoclinics Australia, all our therapists are highly trained registered nurses, and we only use advanced, medical-grade technology. If you want to reduce cellulite and have smoother and tighter skin, book in for a free consultation to see how we can help.

Why use the combination of radio frequency and ultrasound?
With both technologies in the same device we can make facial as well as body treatments. This combination allows to achieve great results in body treatments – the ultrasound element helps to eliminate fat and cellulite whilst the radio frequency firms and tones the skin.

How does this treatment work?
With this radio frequency skin tightening treatment, we improve the quality of the skin and stimulate collagenesis, providing a greater elasticity in the tissues; and with cavitation, we can destroy the adipose cells thanks to low frequency ultrasounds and, thus, get a firmer body. Our treatments are particularly effective as they are non-invasive and pain free.

What results does a radio frequency treatment offer in facial applications?
We use technology that has been proven to be the most efficient treatment for truly rejuvenated skin. It uses an anti-ageing procedure in which the patient will be able to notice the results from the first session. The visible effects on the skin area: firm and rejuvenated skin, facial contouring, firming up of skin, reduction of facial contour, facial firming up, and reduction of wrinkles and expression lines.

And in body treatments?
The innovative technology we use allows to obtain unbeatable results with noticeable losses being observed from the first session. The body treatments offered are: reduction of hard, flaccid or oedematous cellulite; firming up; improvement of the aspect of the skin and body contouring.

What results will I obtain once the cycles of session have finished?
Immediate results can be seen from the first session, such as a more hydrated, firmer and smoother skin. In facial treatments we can observe an immediate improvement such as the reduction of bags and rings under the eyes and wrinkles. The first treatment consists of a flash-tightening effect and the results will improve as the sessions advance, the real result being obtained after 28 or 29 days when the activation of collagen is at its greatest. The results of the body treatments start to become evident after the 3rd session with a loss of up to 3 cm being possible.

How frequently should treatments be carried out?
To obtain the best results, we recommend that patients receive a series of treatments, ranging between 6 and 10, depending on the individual needs. Weekly treatments are recommended in order to obtain the desired results.

Do radio frequency ultrasound treatments have any side-effects?
The side-effects of radio frequency ultrasound are minimal, however this type of treatment is not recommended in the case of pregnancy and breast feeding, and persons with serious heart disease or connective tissue and neuromuscular diseases.

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Which parts of the body can be treated?

Our treatment can reduce the appearance of cellulite on:

Affected area: Thighs


Affected area: Abdomen


Affected area: Buttocks


Affected area: Arm


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