Cryolipolysis / Fat Freezing

Weight loss is achieved by using cryotherapy technology on the targeted areas and freezing your fat cells. This extreme cooling process targets and eliminates fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Fat Cavitation

Weight loss is achieved by applying ultrasound waves to fat cells to break them up, and allows the body’s natural processes to remove them. Combined with radio frequency treatments, fat cavitation is extremely effective in reducing cellulite and making skin look younger and firmer.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Similar to ice therapy for weight loss, this cryotherapy treatment can accelerate your progress in your weight loss journey by increasing your metabolism and boosting your endorphins.

TLS Weight Loss Solution

For clients who are looking for a holistic weight loss plan, we also offer the TLS Weight Loss Solution – a customisable, science-based program designed to fit you and your unique lifestyle.

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