What is a cryotherapy chamber?

Whether it’s referred to as a cryotherapy chamber, a cryosauna, a cryospa, or a cryotherapy machine, all serve the same purpose. They expose your body to temperatures as low as -150°C for a short period of time. This exposure can effectively treat pain, assist with muscle recovery, mood enhancement, and improve blood flow. Developed in Japan in the 1970s, Whole Body Cryotherapy has become recognised as a great treatment for clients who regularly complete intense exercise regimes, clients with arthritis, or clients with general aches and pains.

The difference between a cryotherapy chamber and a cryosauna is that the chamber is a super-cold room, and people undergoing cryotherapy will step into the room and have their whole bodies cooled. A cryosauna (or cryotherapy machine) on the other hand, is a large, freestanding cubicle inside a normal temperature room. When you enter the cryosauna / cryotherapy machine, your head will be above the top of the cubicle. This is to keep sensitive areas like your ears and nose safe. At our clinics, you will also receive protective clothing to keep your feet and hands safe.

At Cryoclinics, we use cryosaunas for the safety and comfort of our clients. Our Juka cryosauna machines are designed in Poland and employ the use of the latest technology so our clients can rest assured that they are receiving the best treatment available.

Our Sydney clinics offer cryotherapy from prices starting at $89, with Afterpay available.

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