What is fat cavitation?

Fat cavitation is a totally non-invasive method to reduce fat on targeted areas of the body, with zero downtime. Fat cavitation uses ultrasound waves applied to fat cells to break them up, and allows the body’s natural processes to remove them. Combined with radio frequency treatments, fat cavitation is extremely effective in reducing cellulite and making skin look younger and firmer.

Using our medical grade, European technology, ultrasound waves disrupt fat cells under the skin, leaving all other skin and tissue untouched. Because fat cells are sensitive to these waves, they break apart, and the cells are reduced to liquid. Our lymphatic system is designed to deal with damaged and dead cells that occur as a natural part of ageing.

Fat cavitation achieves best results on larger areas of the body, with fat deposits that are least 3cm thick. This is due to the depth at which ultrasounds penetrate fat.

All our therapists are highly trained registered nurses, and we only use advanced, medical-grade technology. You’re in safe hands at Cryoclinics Australia.

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Which parts of the body are most commonly treated with fat cavitation?

The most common areas to be treated with fat cavitation are:

Thighs vector


Buttocks vector


Stomach vector


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