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Australia's leading cryotherapy and body services provider

Cryotherapy and body sculpting are at the forefront of health and cosmetic technology, and Cryoclinics Australia is a leading provider of cryotherapy, body sculpting and its related therapies.

All of our treatment staff are Registered Nurses, who will provide you with support and information prior to, during and after your treatment. We use only the most advanced medical devices for our treatments and we aim to provide the highest quality services and treatments to the Australian public and assist our clients in achieving their body goals.

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What does our technology do?

Cryoclinics Australia draws on a modern view of health and wellbeing, aiming to enhance our clients’ quality of life both physically and mentally.

Our cutting-edge technology helps everyday Australians with:

  • Body shaping, body sculpting, body contouring
  • Fat cell and cellulite reduction
  • Sport and muscle related recovery
  • Anti-aging
  • Injury and ailment management including the treatment of arthritis and inflammation
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Expert care tailored to your needs

Every client of Cryoclinics Australia comes to us with unique needs and a unique body. Whether you want to address a specific medical condition, improve athletic performance or to simply look and feel better – our tailored approach helps get you there faster.

Cryoclinics Australia can combine a variety of cutting-edge treatments to address the specific needs of each client. With our comprehensive pre-treatment assessment, we create unique treatment plans that ensure clients achieve their goals.

From doctors to exercise physiologists, we have access to an expert medical team who are there for you every step of the way, and all of our therapists are Registered Nurses. You’re in safe hands with every treatment.

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